Password: is not only an interesting gallery and sales-platform for your small pieces of art but also a great network to promote your work!

After examination of your data your account will be unlocked and you can start to create postcARTs.

  1. creation of the postcART
  2. announcment of the artwork at
  3. shipping
  4. we unlock and sell the card for you
  5. increase of your postcART-ranking (sales price) with every sold postcART by 1,00 €
  6. payment of the commission (sales price minus norm-4 commission)
Listing in our artist's directory starts with the unlocking of the first postcART.

Detailed information can bei found in our Terms Of Use.

As a postcART-artist you have the possibility to
  • register new postcARTs,
  • view and manage your postcARTs,
  • edit your personal data and profile,
  • take a look at your personal statistics (postcART-success)

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