1. Right Of Rescission

You are able to cancel your sales agreement for articles bought from (called "provider" further on) without naming of reasons up to 14 days after you have received them. Right of rescission is not valid if the artwork is tailored for personal wants or needs (e.g. dedication).

Keeping of term is valid through a message of recission within this period via e-mail, via phone or postally to: @ norm-4 GmbH
Gladbacher Straße 17
50672 Cologne

t +49 221 949 984 0
f +49 221 949 984 11

or by properly stamped return of the articles to: @ norm-4 GmbH
Gladbacher Straße 17
50672 Cologne

In case of recission a credit note for already billed transactions is given after return of the articles. In case of return of articles which add up to 40 Euro you will have to pay the costs for the retun in case the delivered articles are the same as ordered. In any other case the return will be free of charge.

Should any of the returned articles show sign of use or damage we reserve the right to claim compensation.

Please pay attention to this: Only send back complete articles with original packaging. Only this way a quick handling can be guaranteed.

2. Delivery Charges & Customs Duties

2.1. Usually you will be charged standard delivery charges independent of the value of your order. These delivery charges are shown accordingly.
2.2. In case of shipping to foreign countries the addressee will have to pay the corresponding customs duties.

3. Conditional Sale

The articles are considered property of the provider until they have been payed completely.

4. Payment, Maturity, Prices, Shipment At Own Risk

4.1. Articles are only delivered against prepayment.
4.2. Payment via check or cash money is not possible.
4.3. Accountability for loss when sending cash money is not taken.
4.4. »Dissatisfaction« doesn't decrease the price.
4.5. Prices don't include accessory considerations. Packaging, freight and shipment as well as insurance of the articles are for the account of the customer. Errors (e.g. wrong price, wrong amount, etc.) are excepted. Payment can only take place via the listed possibilities without discount. All prices are inclusice of VAT.
4.6 Shipment takes place at customers risk at the moment articles are transported out of stock.

5. Copyrights

5.1 In any case of use of the artwork the name of the artist (originator) has to be stated.

5.2 Any use and application of the artwork ist only allowed with written authority of the artist which is only valid for the agreed timescale and use. Ownership of the artwork does not lead to copyrights or exploitation rights if not agreed otherwise by the artist; this especially concerns public exposition of the artwork.

5.3 The artist has the right of appropriate compensation for any use or exploitation of the artwork.

5.4 If the right of exhibition is - at variance with the terms from 5.2 - granted explicitly, the right of reportage on the artwork is also granted as well as the right to picture the artwork on poster, invitation, the www or in a catalog related to an exposition.

6. Guarantee/Maintainance/Repair

6.1 Guarantees by the artist for artwork are excluded.

6.2 Obligations for maintainance are exlcuded if they are not agreed between owner and artist seperately. In this case all costs concernings maintainance should be payed to the artist seperately.

7. General Clauses

Abandonment of use of any right in this Terms And Conditions by the artist does not mean the right itself is abandoned.

8. Applicable Law And Place Of Jurisdiction

This Terms And Conditions are based on German Law under exclusion of UN-Buying-Law.

Disputes concerning use of services or these Terms And Conditions are solely handled by courts in Cologne, Germany.

9. Requirement Of Written Form, Translation of Terms And Conditions

Verbal commitments from the provider or any of his agents are only valid if they are confirmed in written form.
These Terms And Conditions have been translated from German to English.
In case of any differences contentwise the German version is valid exclusively.

10. Severability Clause

Should any of the clauses in these Terms And Conditions be proven ineffective, all other clauses are still valid. The ineffective clause is considered to be replaced by a valid clause that matches the former clause in terms of intention and goal efficently.
The same principle will be used for regulatory gaps.

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